In Botany Haricandana is Santalum album or the Sandal Tree. In Religion it is also called the Kounboum tree or Kumbum tree and linked with Kumbum Monastery in Tibet. Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary: haricandana m. n. a sort of sandal tree Sis. BhP. Satr. yellow sandal MBh. Kav. &c. (in this sense prob. only n.) , one of the five trees of paradise (the other four being Parijata , Mandara , Samtana , and Kalpa) Pancar. Pancat. n. the pollen or filament of a lotus L. saffron ib. moonlight ib. the person of a lover or mistress ib. {-danAspada} n. a place where yellow sandal grows Kum.

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