Dvija or Dwija is Twice Born. dvija mfn. twice-born ; m. a man of any one of the first 3 classes , any Aryan , (esp.) a Brahman (re-born through investiture with the sacred thread cf. {upa-nayana}) a bird or any oviparous animal (appearing first as an egg) a tooth (as growing twice) coriander seed or Xantboxylum Alatum L. ; ({A}) f. Piper Aurantiacum Bhpr. Clerodendrum Siphonantus L. ; {pAlaGkI} L. (cf. {-jA} and {-jati}). According to the injunctions of the revealed texts, the first birth of an Aryan is from his natural mother, the second (happens) on the tying of the girdle of Munja grass, and the third on the initiation to (the performance of) a (Srauta) sacrifice. II.169 http://www.hinduism.co.za/sacred1.htm