Sacred Fire (Agnikunda)

According to myths the sage Vasistha performed a yagna with a sacred fire at a fire altar near Mount Abu from which sprang 4 warriors: Agnikul, Yadaukul, Suryakul and Odak. The first to emerge was the Pratihar; he was placed to guard[3] the sacred site. A second emerged from the chullu (palm) of the sage and was called the Chaulukya. The third warrior eagerly sought out the demons but could not prevail over them—he was called the Pra-maar (first-striker), which evolved later into Parmar. The fourth warrior carried weapons in four arms and destroyed the demons—he was called the Chauh-maan because of this. http://horsesandswords.blogspot.com/2006/04/limitations-of-rajputs.html