Prabha was the daughter of Rahu. Prabha is one of the 4 wives of Aditya. prabhA 1. P. {-bhAti} , to shine forth , begin to become light , shine , gleam RV. &c. &c. to appear , seem , look like (nom. with or without {iva}) to illuminate , enlighten 2 prabhA f. light , splendour , radiance , beautiful appearance (ifc. often mfn. with f. {A}) the shadow of the gnomon on a sun-dial Suryas. ; light variously personified (as wife of the sun , or as wife of Kalpa and mother of Pratar , Madhyam-dina and Saya i.e. morning , midday and evening , or as a form of Durga in the disc of the sun) N. of a Sakti of an Apsaras of a daughter of Svar-bhanu and mother of Nahusha of the city of Kubera of a kind of metre of sev. wks.

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