Gods and Numbers

Gods and Numbers Coded Sexagesimal Cryptograms (Sumerian & Babylonian) Anu: god of heaven, father of all other gods, 60 Enlil: god of Earth, 50 (Later replaced by MARDUK, 10) Ea: god of water, 40 (sometimes 60) Sin: lunar god, month, 30 Shamash: solar god, 20 Adad: ?, 10 or 6 Ishtar: queen of heavens, daughter of ANU, 15 Ninurta: son of Enlil, also 50 Nergal: ?, 14 Gibil and Nisku: companions of Shamash, 10 for either (and/or both?) http://www.mathorigins.com/U.htm Gematria and Hebrew Names of God http://ordoaa.wolfmagick.com/lib777.aspx