Sophia Names

Sophia in order for it to come to complete knowledge of itself, it needed knowledge of imperfection. For this reason, it comes to pass that Sophia, desiring to manifest the offspring of the Great Invisible Spirit, gazed into the emptiness beyond the Pleroma. Believing it true emptiness instead of portion of the Great Invisible Spirit, she was expelled from the realms of the Fullness and took on the aspect of Pistis Sophia. http://library.palmtreegarden.org/c_dissertations/1547.pdf Sophia (Greek) Wisdom. Used in a general sense by St. Paul, as when he speaks of earthly and heavenly wisdom; but by the Gnostics, especially Valentinus in his Pistis Sophia, it is the great Mother of all, corresponding to Sephirah, Isis, Vach, divine wisdom, akasa, anima mundi, and the Holy Ghost (when considered as feminine). Cited from Website: Theosophy Dictionary

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