Lord of Time, Lord of Separation, Lord of Destruction and Lord of Dust, Aeon of Consciousness and Lord of Mind, Aeon of Spirit and Queen of Night, Aeon of Life and Lady of Plants, Aeon of Matter and Gaea, Known as the Kingdom, Lord of the Sun, King of the

8 Aeons One Ialdabaoth the blind Demiurge broke free, proclaiming the word I am.
1. Saturn Lord of Time
2. Jupiter Lord of Separation
3. Mars Lord of Destruction and the Lord of Dust
4. Mercury Aeon of Consciousness and the Lord of the Mind
5. Moon Aeon of Spirit and the Queen of Night
6. Venus Aeon of Life and the Lady of Plants and Beasts
7. Earth, Aeon of Matter and Gaea, known as the Kingdom
8. Sun King of the Aeons, the Lord of the Sun, to guide the fragments towards unity. Based on Website: Book of the Eight Aeons

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