Ialdabaoth Names

Ialdabaoth or Ilda-Boath resembles the demiurge as being in the shape of the lion Ilda-Baoth is a compound name made up of Ilda, , a child, and Baoth; both from the egg, and Baoth, chaos, emptiness, void, or desolation; or the child born in the egg of Chaos, like Brahma.
Cited from Website: The Secret Doctrine
From Ilda-Baoth emanate six spirits, who respectively dwell with their father in the seven planets. These are Saba -- or Mars; Adonai -- Sol, or the Sun;(2) Ievo -- the Moon; Eloi -- Jupiter; Astaphoi -- Mercury (spirit of water); and Ouraïos -- Venus, spirit of fire.(3) Cited from Website The Christian Scheme
But his mother, hearing him speak thus, cried out against him, "Do not lie, Ialdabaoth: for the father of all, the first Anthropos (man), is above thee; and so is Anthropos the son of Anthropos." http://www.webcom.com/gnosis/library/advh1.htm
Ialdaboath - Yaldabaoth
Head of Lion - Serpent with Head of Fish
As the last engendered being in the hierarchy, Sophia felt Her own desire to procreate. However, where those Aeons above Her had made offspring only with the consent of Their polar mates, Sophia could not gain Her own mate’s cooperation. Therefore, Sophia attempted to engender a child of Her own. This child-god was named Ialdabaoth. However, due to the unbalanced circumstance of its birth, Ialdabaoth was deformed, blind (without gnosis, or ignorant), and insane. (He is described in the Secret Book… as serpentine, with a lion’s face, and eyes that flashed like lightning.) Out of shame over Her creation, Sophia cast Her son out of the Pleroma and concealed him in a cloud of darkness. http://kheph777.tripod.com/art_gnosticism.html