7 Minor Powers

7 Minor Powers The Seven Minor Powers are:----- Samech. 1. To know in a moment the hidden thoughts of any man or woman. Ayin. 2. To compel any one to act with sincerity. Peh. 3. To foresee any future events which do not depend upon the will of a superior being. Tzaddi. 4. To give instantly wise counsel and acceptable consolation. Qoph. 5. To be always calm and content in the most grievous adversity. Resh. 6. Never to feel love or hatred unless it is designed. Shin. 7. To possess the secret of constant wealth, and never to fall into destitution or misery. These Privileges are the final degree of Human Perfectibility; these are open to attainment by the elect, by those who can dare, by those who would never abuse them, and who know when to be silent. Tau. In conclusion, Magi can control the elemental forces, calm tempests, heal the sick, and raise the dead. But these things are sealed with the triple Seal of Solomon http://www.northvegr.org/lore/sanctum/009.php Minor Power 1. Samech. Know Hidden Thoughts Minor Power 2. Ayin. Compel Sincerity Minor Power 3. Peh. Foresee Future Minor Power 4. Tzaddi. Wise Counsel Minor Power 5. Always Calm and Content Minor Power 6. Resh. Never Love or Hatred unless Designed Minor Power 7. Shin. Secret of Constant Wealth