Water of Life Terms

In India, Water of Life is one of the names for the Amrita or elixir of immortality or Mrita Sanjivani, or Sanjivini Vidya linked with Sangeevani the palace where good souls go after death. In Christianity, the way to eternal life is through the sacrament of Baptism, which is also called the Water of Life. The sacrament has a special connection with Saint John the Baptist, who is called San Giovanni in Italian. In the Nazarene tradition the first unity is: Lord FERHO -- the Life which is no Life -- the Supreme God. The Cause which produces the Light, or the Logos in abscondito. The water of Jordanus Maximus--the water of Life, or Ajar, the feminine principle. Unity in a Trinity, enclosed within the ISH AMON. http://igbo.biz/books/theosophy/iu/iu106.shtml

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