Svaha is identified with the star Zeta Tauri. She became infatuated with Agni, disguised herself as 6 of the 7 Krittika sisters married to the 7 wise men. Svaha had a child called Skanda, or Kartikkeya. The 7 Wise Men (sapta Rishi) divorced their wives who became the Pleiades. http://www.windows.ucar.edu/tour/link=/mythology/svaha_star.html&edu=high svAhA ind. (prob. fr. 5. {su} and {ah} ; cf. {dur-AhA}) hail! hail to! may a blessing rest on! (with dat. ; an exclamation used in making oblations to the gods ; with {kR} [ind. p. {-kAram} , or {-kRtya}] and acc. to pronounce the exclamation Svah1 over f. an oblation (offered to Agni , Indra &c.) or Oblation personified (as a daughter of Daksha and wife of Agni ; she is thought to preside over burnt-offerings her body is said to consist of the four Vedas , and her limbs are the six Angas or members of the Veda she is represented also as a wife of the Rudra Pasu-pati)