Divine Potter

Divine Potter An old Chinese legend tells that mankind was created by a divine potter who placed many different clay figures of men standing shoulder to shoulder (like the warrriors of Xi’an) in a kiln to be fired. After a lengthy firing the potter removed these men from the kiln. He then found that those standing near the front of the kiln had turned black so he threw them away as far as he could throw. They landed in Africa. When he removed those standing at the rear of the kiln he found that some were still white and under-fired so he threw them away over his shoulder. They landed in Europe. When he finally reached the figures at the center of the kiln, he found them to be a perfect golden hue, and this made him very happy. It’s from these men that the East Asian races did descend. Quoted from website babayaga.ca under The Pots Khnumb as divine potter http://www.svu.edu.eg/links/campus/luxor/lc/luxcity.htm