Pataliputra has been linked with stories of the Holy Grail. http://www.sacred-texts.com/sro/mmm/mmm06.htm#fn_152 It was called Maghada and later Bihar. pATalI f. Bignonia Suaveolens Susr. ; = {kaTabhI} and {muSkaka} N. of a city Das of a daughter of king Mahendra-varman 12 pATalika mfn. knowing the secrets of others one who knows time and place m. a pupil n. N. of a town (= {pATali-putra}) L. pATaliputra n. N. of the capital of Magadha near the confluence of the Sona and the Ganges (supposed to be the ancient Palibothra and the modern Patna) Pat. Kap. Kathas. (esp. iii , 78) &c. m. pl. the inhabitants of this city Pan. 2-3 , 42 Kas. {-nAmadheya} n. (sc. {nagara}) a city called Pataliputra MW.