Dagda Celtic God of the Earth and father of the Irish gods. He rules the seasons with a magical harp, and owns a bottomless cauldron of plenty. A skilled fighter and artisan. http://www.geocities.com/thewitchescircle/biggg2.htm Dagda, The All Father, Eochaid Ollathair ( Father of All), Ruadh Rofessa (The Red One, Lord of Occult Knowledge), Dagdha (the Good God) Dagda Wife = Breg Dagda Lover = Boann Son Cermait Cermait has 3 sons: and an enormous club, with one end of which he could kill nine men, but with the other restore them to life. Dagda - Breg Dagda - Morrigan Manannan is symbolized by the white horses of the sea, and Danu by the red bull. My symbol is the black serpent. I am the lord of the Black Cauldron http://www.faerie-world.org/tales/dagda.html White Red Black White Horses, Red Bull, Black Serpent Manannan, Danu, Dagda

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