Kaka m. (onomat. imitation of the cawing of the crow cf. {kai} a crow (metaphorically , as an expression of contempt e.g. {natvAMkAkaMmanye} , I rate thee less than a crow cf. {tIrtha-kAka} an impudent or insolent fellow lame man , a cripple washing the head , bathing by dipping the head only in water (after the manner of crows) a sectarial mark ({tilaka}) a particular measure the plant Ardisia Humilis N. of a Dvipa or division of the world L. ; ({As}) m. pl.N. of a people VP. Nal. ; ({I}) f. a female crow personified as a daughter of Kasyapa by Tamr1 and mother of crows the plant Kakoli L N. of one of the seven mothers of Sisu ; ({A}) f. the plant Abrus precatorius L. ; Leea Hirta L. ; Solanum indicum L. ; Ficus oppositifolia L. ; the plant Kakoli the plant Raktika1 L. ; ({am}) n. a multitude or assembly of crows Ka1s3. on Pa1n2. 4-2 , 37 ; a modus coeundi L.