Purple Forbidden Enclosure

Purple Forbidden Enclosure is the boundary of the stars always visible in northern sky at night from a particular location. http://www.chinapage.com/astronomy/syho/syho_files/ziweiyuan.html Purple Palace Enclosure ( 37 asterisms) R.A. 0h to 24h, Dec +50 to +90degrees North Pole, Four Advisors, Celestial Great One, First Great One, Left Wall, Right Wall, Hidden Virtue, Royal Secretary, Female Protocol, Official of Royal Archives, Maids-in-waiting, Celestial Pillar, Chief Judge, Curved Array, Six Jia, Great Emperor of Heaven, Interior Seats of the Five Emperors, Canopy of the Emperor (with Canopy Support), Guest House, Inner Steps, Celestial Kitchen, Eight Kinds of Crops, Celestial Flail, Inner Kitchen, Administrative Centre, Three Top Instructors, Three Excellencies, Celestial Bed, Royals, Celestial Prison, Guard of the Sun, Eunuch, Prime Minister, Sombre Lance, Judge for Nobility, Northern Dipper (with Assistant), Celestial Spear http://kmleong.multiply.com/photos/album/53

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