Golden Vessel

Golden Vessel is one of the descriptions of the container of the holy grail. There is evidence that the holy grail was seen as synonymous not only with its container, a golden vessel, but also with a golden book, namely the gospels. The French writer Aroux quotes Pierre Cardinal the Troubadour, as to the veiled language of the Graal legend, which was of a nature of the Culdee secret symbolism. He says: The ungent which heals all kinds of wounds, even the bites of the venemous reptiles, is in fact none other but the word of the gospel, so also the golden vessel in which it (the graal) is contained, adorned with most precious stones, is none other than the holy grail itself, or the book of the Gospels, as the Albigensis had adopted and translated it; the Golden book, the vessel containing the true light, visible only to the Initiated.... http://www.phoenixmasonry.org/arcane_schools/part_3.htm