Confluence of 2 Rivers

Confluence is linked with the Sanskrit word: Tirtha and Prayag is typically used to describe the coming together of two or more rivers:
Confluence of Three Rivers India
Ganges - Yamuna Sarasvati Allahabad (Prayaga)
Nepal Sonabhadra Purnabhadra Narayani Triveni
Confluence of Two Rivers India
Alaknanda - Saraswati River
Keshavprayag Alaknanda - Dhauli
Vishnuparag Mandakini - Alakananda
Rudraprayag Alakananda - Pindar Ganga
Karnaprayag Bhagirathi - Alakananda
Deoprayag Nandakini - Alakananda
Nandaprayag Bhagirathi - Jalangi
Mayapur Sona - Ganges Patna (Patalipura) Triveni - Ganges Sonepur (Harihara) Ganges - Jalangi Mayapur
Nepal Baghmati - Vishnumati Kathmandu
Nup Chhu Shar Chhu = West River East River Lo Manthang Kak Khola Mustang Khola Kakbeni Java (Yava)
Progo - Elo Borobodur
Iraq Tigris - Euphrates
This earthly confluence is seen as a parallel to the confluence of the Milky Way in the heavens.
cf. United States Monongahela Allegheny Ohio Pittsburgh
Vishnuprayag, where the Alaknanda is met by the Dhauli Ganga
Nandaprayag, where it is met by the Nandakini River
Karnaprayag, where it is met by the Pindari River
Rudraprayag, where it is met by the Mandakini River
Devprayag, where it meets the Bhagirathi River and officially becomes the Ganges River

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