Water Drawing Festival

Water Drawing Festival Omizu-tori, literally, water-drawing, is thought to date from 752. Held between the late hours of March 12 and the early hours of March 13, this is a central rite of the Shunie (rite observed in February) held at the Nigatsudo Hall at Todaiji Temple, Nara Prefecture. Cited from Website: Festivities and Celebrations There is said to be an underground channel (well) from the Japan sea to this shrine. An event called the Asumui Festival, dating from the days of the Ryukyu Kingdom, was recreated on Dec. 21 in the Hedo area of Kunigami Village. For countless generations the festival has featured an important ceremony called Omizu Tori, in which the goddess Noro used to draw water from a river called Hedo Wokkaa, to be used for the kingdom’s New Year’s event at Shuri Castle. Cited from Website: Ryukyu Kingdom’s Asumui Festival