Purnakumbha literally means a full pitcher (Purna = full, Kumbha = pitcher). The Purnakumbha is a pitcher full of water, with fresh leaves of the mango tree and a coconut (Sriphala) placed on the top. The Purnakumbha is an object symbolizing God and is regularly used during different religious rites. One instance of the Purnakumbha itself used as an object of worship is the Satyanarayana Puja. http://www.hindubooks.org/sudheer_birodkar/hindu_history/omkar.html pUrNakumbha m. (ifc. f. {A}) a full cup or jar , (esp.) a cup full of water (also with {apAm}) Mn. Ragh. [642,2] a cup filled with holy water and used at the consecration of a king W. a partic. mode of fighting MBh. N. of a Danava Hariv. (v.l. {kumbha-karNa}) m. or n. a hole (in a wall) of the shape of a waterjar Mricch. mf({A})n. having a full pitcher SankhSr.