Prabhasa is one of the names of the 8th son of Ganga and Santanu. prabhASa m. declaration , doctrine ; w.r. for {-bhAsa}. 2 prabhAsa M. splendour , beauty N. of a Vasu of a being attendant on Skanda of a deity under the 8th Manu (with Jainas) of one of the 11 Ganadhipas of a son of a minister of Candraprabha king of Madra Kathas. (pl.) N. of a race of Rishis m. or n. N. of a celebrated place of pilgrimage on the west coast of the Dekhan near Dvaraka (also {-kSetra} n. {-kSetra-tIrtha} n. {-deza} m.) ; {-kSetra-tIrtha-yAtrA7nukrama} m. {-kSetra-mAhAtmya} n. {-khaNDa} m. or n. and {-sezvara-mAhAtmya} n. N. of wks. Shining Dawn in some accounts.

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