Seed Syllables

Seed syllables are sacred sounds in mantras that generate further ones: Im (Vishnu), Hrim (maya-bija, Sakti), Gam (Ganapati), Klim (kama), Ha (Siva), Ra (Agni), Srim (Lakshmi), Aim (Vagdevi), Hsaum (great power), Kshim (eliminating poison), Hum (protection), Glaum (arresting paralyzing), Blum (chasing away), Krom (suppression, goad), Jum (driving out) and so on. http://www.india-forum.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=973&st=30 Cf. the seed syllable: A, H, Y, R, V, L In Sanskrit A and H combine to produce ām the seed syllable of Amoghasiddhi aham from which arise the basic Sanskrit vowels haMsa (swan- ) goose hIra connected with Lakshmi cf. Hera