Sadhya sAdhya mfn. to be subdued or mastered or won or managed , conquerable , amenable to be summoned or conjured up to be set to rights , to be treated or healed or cured to be formed (grammatically) to be cultivated or perfected to be accomplished or fulfilled or brought about or effected or attained , practicable , feasible , attainable being effected or brought about , taking place to be prepared or cooked to be inferred or concluded to be proved or demonstrated to be found out by calculation to be killed or destroyed relating to the Sadhyas (see below) m. (pl.) they that are to be propitiated N. of a class of celestial beings (belonging to the {gaNa-devatA} q.v. , sometimes mentioned in the Veda in the SBr. their world is said to be above the sphere of the gods ; according to Yaska [Nir. xii , 41] their locality is the Bhuvarloka or middle region between the earth and sun ; in Mn. i , 22 , the Sadhyas are described as created after the gods with natures exquisitely refined , and as children of the Soma-sads , sons of Vir1j ; n the Puranas they are sons of Sadhya , and their number is variously twelve or seventeen ; in the later mythology they seem to be superseded by the Siddhas see {siddha} ; and their names are Manas , Mantri , Prana , Nara , Pana , Vinirbhaya , Naya , Dansa , Narayana , Vrisha , Prabhu) the god of love L. ; N. of a Vedic Rishi , of the 21st astronomical Yoga L. ; ({A}) f. N. of a daughter of Daksha and wife of Dharma or Manu (regarded as the mother of the Sadhyas) Hariv. Pur. ; ({am}) n. accomplishment , perfection W. ; an object to be accomplished , thing to be proved or established , matter in debate (in logic) the major term in a syllogism ib. ; silver L. ; N. of a Saman ArshBr

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