12 Aeons Terms

12 Aeons
The twelve Aeons belong to the Son of Autogenetos.
Grace, Truth, Form, Conception, Sensation, Memory, Insight, Love, Idea (Form), Perfection, Peace, Wisdom (Sophia)
First Aeon
01 Pisces Grace
02 Aquarius Truth
03 Capricorn Form
Armozel (Harmozel) Autogenetor Christ - Adamas
Second Aeon Oroiael Seth
04 Sagittarius Conception
05 Scorpio Sensation
06 Libra Memory
Third Aeon
07 Virgo Insight
08 Leo Love
09 Cancer Idea (Form)
Daveithe seed of Seth, the souls of the saints
Fourth Aeon
10 Gemini Perfection
11 Taurus Peace
12 Aries Wisdom (Sophia)
the souls who did understand their perfection yet they did not repent immediately but they persisted a while. In the end, however, they repented. Cited from Website: http://www.emotions.64g.ru/bokat/bk2en.htm
An interpretaiton:
Sagittarius Conception Word
Capricorn Form Ennoia
Aquarius Truth Will
Pisces Grace Word
Aries Wisdom (Sophia) Ennoia
Taurus Peace Will
Gemini Perfection Word
Cancer Idea (Form) Ennoia
Leo Love Will
Virgo Insight Word
Libra Memory Ennoia
Scorpio Sensation Will
This follows the order of the zodiac and is different from the vsersion given on the Websiste of Sergey Pamphilov at:
Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius Conception, Form, Truth Word, Thought, Will ennoia mind, the will and the word eyebrows, eyes and a mouth http://www.emotions.64g.ru/bokat/bken.htm
Mercy Sympathy, Understanding, Judiciousness