Who Conceiver What Conception Concepts Etymology concipio, concipere, concepi, conceptum = to conceive n Latin Conceptum as a noun in Middle Latin, 1556 Concepts become important in the 20th century through classfication and computer science. cf. Concept-Mapping Broader terms Philosophy Class: Concepts Narrower Terms Library of Congress Narrower Term: Example Narrower Term: Ideals (Psychology) Narrower Term: Immaterialism (Philosophy) Class: Concepts 0. General Form Concepts 3. Concepts 5 Abstract Ideas and Concepts Abstract Concepts Abstract Ideas and Concepts Associated Concepts Associated Concepts Facet Biology Concepts Chemistry Concepts Concepts Concepts Categories Topics Concepts of Heaven Core Concepts General Form Concepts History: Concepts Key Concepts Key Concepts and Topics Lean Concepts Philosophical Concepts Philosophy: Concepts QT 1 Concepts Roman Personifications of Abstract Concepts scientific concepts Scientific Concepts Scientific Concepts - Technological Concepts scientific concepts - technology and related concepts Technological Concepts technology and related concepts Umbel Subject Concepts Explorer

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