Cosmic Man Terms

Cosmic Man

There are two main versions of Cosmic Man

1) Zodiac Man that begins with Head and ends with Feet and covers 12 months of the year. This corresponds to a man Standing, is especially linked with Vishnu,and has various names:

Celestial Man
Heavenly Man
Simsumara kundali
Zodiac Man
1b) The standing Zodiac Man has a variant version as Cosmic Youth variously called:

1c) A variant is a reclining Cosmic Man who lies along the equator and covers 14 timeperiods.

2) Cosmic Man oir Zodiac Man who is half a man stretching from Head to Middle of Body. This corresponds to a man sitting in a Yoga position. This version of the zodiac man is typically linked with Shiva. An earthly version becomes the Panch Kedar.
Here again there are two variants:
2b) Cosmic Man or Purusha who is seated along the Left Diagonal
2 c) Cosmic Man or Purusha who is seated along the Right Diagonal


In the Rig Veda as Purusha Sukta:
cosmic man, having a thousand heads, a thousand eyes, a thousand feet and encompassing the earth, spreading in all directions into animate and inanimate things.