Lord Mano

Mano (Gnost.). The Lord of Light. Rex Lucis, in the Codex Nazareus. He is the Second "Life" of the second or manifested trinity "the heavenly life and light, and older than the architect of heaven and earth" (Cod. Naz., Vol. I. p. 145). http://www.experiencefestival.com/a/Mano/id/201132 The second Trinity is the manifestation of the first, and is composed of the three LIVES. The first (LIFE) is the similitude of Lord Ferho through whom he has proceeded forth -- the King of Light, Lord Mano. He is Rex Lucis, "older than the architect of heaven and earth." The second LIFE is Ish Amon. This is the Pleroma, or the boundless circle within which lie all forms; the THOUGHT of the power divine. It is the "vase of election," containing the thought of Jordanus Maximus; thus the type, or its intelligible reflection, of the prototype of the "living Water," who is the "spiritual Jordan." The third LIFE which is produced from the other two, is Abatur (Ab, parent or father). Abatur is the "Ancient of Days," the father of the Demiurgos of the universe http://www.blavatsky.net/magazine/theosophy/ww/additional/ListOfCollatedArticles/TheNazareneSystem.html