Mrtyu m. (very rarely f.) death , dying (deaths of different kinds are enumerated , 100 from disease or accident and one natural from old age ; ifc. = disease caused by or through) ; Death personified , the god of disease (sometimes identified with Yama or with Vishnu ; or said to be a son of Adharma by Nirriti or of Brahma or of Kali or of Maya ; he has also the patronymics Pradhvansana and Samparayana , and is sometimes reckoned among the 11 Rudras , and sometimes regarded as Vyasa in the 6th Dvapara or as a teacher &c.) N. of the god of love of a partic. Ekaha of the 8th astrol. house of the 17th astrol. Yoga Col. ({mRtyorharah} and {mrityorvikarNa-bhAse} N. of Samans.