Phuseis Pneumatikai

Phuseis Pneumatikai 3 Orders of Existence 1 2 3 Phuseis Pneumatikai Phuseis Pneumatikai + Hule Hulikoi divine germs of life image of higher miind and system Hylic Nature psychical natures Satan spiritual natures cf. Sophia Pleroma The Valentinians, and others of the Gnostics, distinguished three orders of existences: -- 1st. The divine germs of life, exalted by their nature above matter, and akin to the [Sophia], to the mundane soul and to the Pleroma: -- the spiritual natures, [Phuseis Pneumatikai]: 2d. The natures originating in the life, divided from the former by the mixture of the [Hule] -- the psychical natures, [Phuseis Pneumatikai]; with which begins a perfectly new order of existence, an image of that higher mind and system, in a subordinate grade; and finally, 3d. The Ungodlike or Hylic Nature, which resists all amelioration, and whose tendency is only to destroy -- the nature of blind lust and passion. http://www.satanservice.org/propaganda/msns.50s.txt

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