Chaturanga is an Indian game from which chess is believed to evolve. chaturanga = four elements of material (fire, air, water and earth), ratha (chariot) = earth (prthivi), ashwa (horse) = water (apas) hastin (elephant) = wind or air (vayu), mantrin (wise man) = fire (agni), rajan (king) = ether (akasha) Earth, Water, Wind, Fire, Ether ratha, ashwa, hastin, mantrin, rajan Chariot, Horse, Elephant, Wise Man, King prithvi, apas, vayu, agni, akasha Square, Semi-Circle, Hexagram, Triangle, Circle Rook, Knight, Bishop, Queen, King Air, Fire, Ether, Water, Earth Bishop, Queen, King, Knight, Rook http://www.goddesschess.com/chessays/bidevgraphics.html Spring Air Green Blood Summer Fire Red Choler Autumn Earth Black Melancholy Winter Water White Phlegma http://www.goddesschess.com/chessays/bidev1.html

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