Nabhi nabhi m. a wheel W. 2 nAbhi f. (prob. fr. 1. {nabh} to burst asunder or into a hole ; ifc. f. {i} or I} the navel (also navel-string cf. {-kRntana}) , a navel-like cavity (in later language also m. and {-bhI} f.) ; the nave of a wheel ib. (also m. L. , and {-bhI} f.) ; centre , central point , point of junction or of departure , home , origin , esp. common oñorigin , affinity , relationship a near relation or friend ib. (m. L.) ; musk: (= {mRra-n-}) L. ; m. or f. musk-deer m. a chief (= central point) of (gen.) (cf. {maNDala-nAbhi-tA}) a sovereign or lord paramount (= {mukhya-rAj}) a Kshatriya N. of a grandson of Priya-vrata (son of Agnidhra and father of Rishabha) of the father of Rishabha (first Arhat of the present Avasarpini) . [Cf. Angl. Sax. {nafu} , {nafela} ; Germ. {naba} , {Nabe} , {nabolo} , {Nabel} ; Eng. {nave} , {navel}.]

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