Kavi Cologne Sankrit Dictionary kavi mfn. (1. {kU} cf. 2. {kava} , {AkUta} ,{AkUti} , {kAvya} gifted with insight , intelligent , knowing , enlightened , wise , sensible , prudent , skilful , cunning ; ({is}) m. a thinker , intelligent man , man of understanding , leader ; a wise man , sage , seer , prophet ; a singer , bard , poet (but in this sense without any technical application in the Veda) N. of several gods , (esp.) of Agni of Varuna , Indra , the Asvins , Maruts , Adityas ; of the Soma ; of the Soma priest and other sacrificers ; (probably) N. of a particular poet ; cf. {aGgiras} (and {uzanas} of the ancient sages or patriarchs (as spirits now surrounding the sun) ; of the Ribhus (as skilful in contrivance) of Pushan (as leader or guider) N. of a son of Brahma of Brahma of a son of Bhrigu and father of Sukra that of Sukra (regent of the planet Venus and preceptor of the demons) of the sons of several Manus of a son of Kausika and pupil of Garga of a son of Rishabha of Valmiki L. a keeper or herd (fig.) N. of the gates of the sacrificial enclosure cf. {kavaS}) the sun of various men the soul in the Samkhya philosophy Comm. a cunning fighter an owl L. ; ({is} , or {I} W.) f. the bit of a bridle the reins (cf. {kavikA}) a ladle (cf. {kambi}) L.

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