Pizaca pizAca m. (ifc. f. {A}) N. of a class of demons (possibly so called either from their fondness for flesh [{piza} for{pizita}] or from their yellowish appearance ; they were perhaps originally a personification of the ignis fatuus ; they are mentioned in the Veda along with Asuras and Rakshasas in later times they are the children of Krodha a fiend , ogre , demon , imp , malevolent or devilish being (ifc. a devil of a ;N. of a Rakshas R. ; ({A}) f. N. of a daughter of Daksha and mother of the Pisacas VP. ; ({I}) f. a female Pisacas , a she-devil c. (also ifc. = m.) ; excessive fondness for (ifc. ; e.g. {Ayudha-p-} , excessive fondness for fighting) a species of Valerian N. of a Yogini

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