03. Mithuna

In the Indian system Gemini (Mithun) rules the nakshatras: 5. Mirgasira 3-4 6. Ardra 1-2-3-4 7. Punarvasu 1-2-3 Mantra Sounds http://sarbani.com/mantra/mantra_rashi_chakra.htm Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary: mithuna mf({A})n. paired , forming a pair m. a pair (male and female ; but also any couple or pair usually du. , in later language mostly n. ; ifc. f. {A}) ; n. pairing , copulation a pair or couple (= m. ; but also twins (also m.) the sign of the zodiac Gemini or the third arc of 30 degrees in a circle Suryas. the other part , complement or companion of anything (also applied to a kind of small statue at the entrance of a temple honey and ghee (in gram.) root compounded with a Preposition Siddh. Mithuna- June 15 to July 16 Planetary Ruler: Buddha, Meanings: a couple, junction point, cohabiting, union. Attitude: Inquiring, Lucky Gem: Emerald Positive Traits: intellectual, quick of mind, idealistic, thinkers, witty, adaptable, youthful, creative, progressive, active, knowledgeable, analytical http://www.komilla.com/pages/Column-July.html http://www.komilla.com/pages/Column-July.html