kRta 1 mfn. done , made , accomplished , performed prepared , made ready ib. ; obtained , gained , acquired , placed at hand well done , proper , good cultivated appointed (as a duty) relating or referring to Yajn m. N. of one of the Visve Devas of a son of Vasu-deva of a son of Samnati and pupil of Hiranya-nabha of a son of Krita-ratha and father of Vibudha of a son of Jaya and father of Haryavana of a son of Cyavana and father of Upari-cara {am}) n. (with {saha} or with instr.) done with, away with , enough of , no need of , &c. (e.g. {kRtaMsaMdehena} away with doubt {k-parihAsena} enough of joking the past tense am}) n. deed , work , action service done , kind action , benefit (cf. {kRta-jJa} and %{-ghna}) magic , sorcery consequence , result aim stake at a game prize or booty gained in battle N. of the die or of the side of a die marked with four points or dots (this is the lucky or winning die) (also the collective N. of the four dice in opposition to the fifth die called {kali} (hence) the number four N. of the first of the four ages of the world (also called {satya} or the golden age , comprehending together with the morning and evening dawn 4800 years of men or according to the later conception 4800 years of the gods or 1 , 728 , 000 years of men) {e}) loc. ind. on account of , for the sake of , for (with gen. or ifc. e.g. {mamakRte} or {mat-kRte} , on my account , for me) {ena}) instr. ind.