All-Seeing Eye

All-Seeing Eye aviddhadRz mfn. of unimpaired sight , all-seeing BhP. sarvadarsin mfn. all-seeing MBh. R. VarBr2S. m. a Buddha L. ; an Arhat (with Jainas) sarvadruhTR mfn. all-viewer , allseeing NrisUp. sarvadRz mfn. all-seeing Hariv. BhP. Pan5car. ; f. pl. all eyes i.e. all organs of senses BhP vizvacakSa mfn. all-seeing MW. vizvadRz mfn. allseeing BhP. vizvasAkSin mfn. all-seeing Prab. vizvekSitR mfn. all seeing Prab. (v.l. {vizvezitR}). [994,2] Vizvakarman is said to be all-seeing god.