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Esagil is explicitly characterized as the support and connection of the apsu_ -- the earthly horizon -- with the heavens. The shrine Esagil and the city Babylon are thus situated at the middle of the vertical cosmic axis, and connect the heavens to the earthly- contemporary world. They are (according to the Enu*ma elis_) the place where Marduk, in creating the world from the corpse of Tiamat, the dragon-shaped primeval mother, fastened her tail to the world-axis D u r - m a h , in order to wedge her lower abdomen onto the heavens and thereby lend eternal permanence to his work of creation.29 For the visitor of ancient Babylon, this axis mundi took visible form in the seven stepped temple tower bearing the name Й - t e m e n - a n - k i , "House Foundations of Heaven and Earth".