3 Functions of Gods

Haudry (1994) has outlined 3 functions of gods: The principal axis of the Indo-European pantheon, represented by the division of the gods among the three cosmic and social functions of sovereignty, war and production, is in evidence among all the Indo-European peoples whose traditions are known to us, as are the subdivisions, more or less widely attested, of these functions: dual nature of the first (magic/legal, together with the existence of minor sovereign deities), as of the second (chivalrous/brutal); a greater or lesser degree of development of the third. There exist in addition trifunctional gods, often ancient deities incorporated into the three-function system. See Dumézil 1941, 1952, 1958b; Polomé 1980: 155f. While stimulating as a basic idea it is important to recognize that cultures ofetn have multiple, competing models simulataenously. Hence India had the traditons of the fire race, lunar race and solar race each with their own constellations of gods.
There was also an evolving number of castes, classes and trades