12 Months: Iran

12 Months Iranian: Quoted from website q.v.
March Farvardin Farvardin, is the descent of Farevashi to earth in order to visit and help their human counter parts. It also means ‘Farr e Din’, glory of religious consciousness.
April Ordibehest lord of fire and noontime heat means the ultimate righteousness.
May Haurvatat (Khordad) protects all waters and means health or wholeness (Rasaei & Kamali).
June Tir is assimilation from Babylonian Nabu, lord of scribe and of the planet Mercury into Avestan mythology. It means the swift one (Tond va chabok) and protects rain. In Persian- Islamic mythology Tir (Attarod in Arabic) is still the lord of scribe (Setareh Dabir).
July Mordad Ameretat (Mordad) supporter of all plant life represents immortality.
August Sharevar lord of sky, all stones, metals, warriors and the protector of the poor and the weak.
 Farvardin, Ordibihest, Haurvatat, Tir, Mordad, Sharevar
September Mihr Love, Affection, Contract
October Aban Water
November Azar/Attar
Fire December Day Afaridegar Creator Ahura Mazda
January Bahman Protector of animals means good purpose (Nik Nahad). He was a powerful symbol of creative goodness and is the divinity personifying the principle of Asha (cosmic order).
February Esphand Demeter

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