Datta datta 1 mfn. ( {de}) protected honoured 2 datta 2 mfn. (1. {dA}) given , granted , presented placed , extended (with {puttra}) = {-ttrima} m. a short form of names so terminating ({yajJa-} , {deva-} , {jaya} &c.) which chiefly are given to Vaisya men N. of an ascetic (snake-priest) = {-ttAtreya} N. of a son of Rajadhideya of a sage in the 2nd Manv-antara of the 7th Vasudeva of the 8th Tirtha-kara of the past Utsarpini a gift , donation f. N. of a woman (see {dAtteya}) ; (names so terminating given to {vezyAs} ; cf.{a-}. 3 dattA f. of {-tta}. 4 dAtta m. a well made by Datta