Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary bhAga m. ( {bhoj}) a part , portion , share , allotment , inheritance (in Ved. also = lot , esp. fortunate lot , good fortune , luck , destiny) a part (as opp. to any whole ; {bhAgambhAgam} with Caus. of {klRp} or {bhAgAn} with {kR} , to divide in parts) a fraction (often with an ordinal number e.g. {aSTamobhAgaH} the eighth part , or in comp. with a cardinal e.g. {zata-bh-} ; 1/100 ; {azIti-bh-} = 1/80) a quarter (see {eka-bh-} , {tri-bh-}) ; part i.e. place , spot , region , side (ifc. taking the place of , representing) (in this sense also n. ; see {bhUmi-bh-}) part of anything given as interest a half rupee the numerator of a fraction a quotient a degree or 360th part of the circumference of a great circle a division of time , the 30th part of a Rasi or zodiacal sign N. of a king (also {bhAgavata}) of a river (one of the branches of the Candra-bhaga) L. mfn. relating to Bhaga (as a hymn) n. N. of a Saman 30 bhAga 2 Vriddhi form of {bhaga} in comp.