Manu 04. Tamasa

4. Thamasa Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary tamasa mfn. dark-coloured m. darkness {-mas} , darkness see {andha-} , {-dhA-} , {ava-} , {vi-} , {saM-} a city ({A}) f. N. of a river (falling into the Ganges below Pratishthana) 2 tAmasa mf({I})n. (fr. {tamas}) dark appertaining to or affected by the quality {tamas} (q.v.) ignorant , various ({-sItanU} , the form assumed by the deity for the destruction of the world -sIzakti} , the faculty of {tamas} relating to Manu Tamasa m. a malignant person a snake an owl N. of a demon causing diseases of the 4th Manu of an attendant of Siva of a man n. darkness see {andha-} f. night sleep Durga N. of a river Tamas, Tamasa (Skt) darkness, inertia dullness, insensibility Hindus called elements one of the trigunas sattva, rajas & spiritual darkness stagnant Quoted from Theosophy Website under Tamas