Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary: savarNa ({sa-}) mf({A})n. having the same colour or appearance , similar , like , equal to (gen. or comp.) of the same tribe or class belonging to the same class of sounds , homogeneous with (comp.) m. the son of a Brahman and a Kshatriya woman a Mahisiya (q.v.) who lives by astrology {A}) f. a woman of the same caste N. of the woman substituted by Saranyu for herself as a wife of the Sun (she is said to have given birth to Manu , and is called in later legends Chaya ; cf. {saraMyU}) of a daughter of the Ocean and wife of Pracina-barhis {-Na-tva} n. identity of colour with (instr. having the same denominator {-NavarNa} n. the same colour {-NAbha} mfn. similar in colour to (comp.) -NAsavarNa-vivAha} m. the marriage of people of the same and of different castes {-NopAyin} mfn. one who approaches a woman of the same caste ib.