Arani araNi 1 f. being fitted into or turning round , the piece of wood (taken from the Ficus Religiosa or Premna Spinosa) used for kindling fire by attrition RV. &c. (generally distinction is made between the lower one and the upper one , {adharAraNi} and {uttarAraNi} , the former may also be meant by {araNi} alone without {adhara}) ; (figuratively) a mother Hariv. (cf. {pANDavAraNi} and {surAraNi}) ; ({is}) m. the plant Premna Spinosa the sun (1) du. f. the two Aranis (used for kindling the fire) . 2 araNI f. = 1. {araNi} 3 araNi 2 f. discomfort , pain 4 arANi or {arAlis} m. N. of a son of Visvamitra 5 AraNi m. an eddy.