Suparna Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary: suparNa n. a beautiful leaf ({-Na}) mf({I4})n. having beautiful leaves having beautiful wings m. any large bird of prey (as a vulture , eagle ; also applicable to the sun or moon as having beautiful rays and to {soma} and clouds sun and moon any mythical or supernatural bird (often identified with Garuda , and sometimes personified as a Rishi , a Deva-gandharva , and an Asura) a ray a horse a cock a partic. array (as of an army) Cassia Fistula N. of a son of Antariksha (v.l. {-varNa}) of a mountain m. n. a partic. section of 103 Vedic verses ({A}) f. a lotus plant , a pool abounding with lotuses N. of the mother of Garuda or of the Prajapatya Aruni Suparneya of a river ({I}) f. a partic. personification (mentioned together with Kadru , sometimes identified with Vac and regarded as the mother of metres) {garuDI} MBh. ; the mother of Su-parna N. of one of the seven tongues of fire Grihyas. night a species of creeper (= {palAzI}) a partic. drug (= {reNukA}) {-ketu} m. having Garuda for a symbol N. of Vishnu-Krishna {-cit} mfn. heaped up or moulded into the form of the bird Su-parna {-citi} f.{-citi-dIpikA} f. {-citi-paddhati} f. N. of wks. ; {-citya} mfn. = {-c4t} ; -yAtu} ({-Na-}) m. a partic. demon -rAja} m. N. of Garuda ; {-vAta} m. the wind agitated by the wings of Garuda {-sad} mfn. sitting on the bird Su-parna {-suvana} mfn. serving as the breeding-place of eagles {-NAkhya} m. Mesua Roxburghii -NAkhyAna} n. the story of Su-parna -NANDa} m. the son of a Sudra and a Suta{-NAdhyAya} m. N. of wk. ; {-NI-tanaya} m. son of Su-parni , Garuda .

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