In some accounts Krttika is another wife of Agni and produces Skanda, Kartikeya. kRttikA {As} f. pl. (rarely sg. MBh. iii , 14464 BhP. vi , 14 , 30) N. of a constellation (the Pleiads , originally the first , but in later times the third lunar mansion , having Agni as its regent ; this constellation , containing six stars , is sometimes represented as a flame or as a kind of razor or knife ; for their oldest names see TS. iv , 4 , 5 , 1 ; in mythol. the six Krittikas are nymphs who became the nurses of the god of war , Karttikeya) white spots VarBr2S. lxv , 5 Sch. ; a vehicle , cart S3Br. xiii Sch.