3 Deities of Vedas

3 three great deities in the Vedas, viz., Agni, Vayu (or Indra) and Surya, preside on earth, air and sky cf. Mitra Indra Varuna The Vedic-Trinity of Varuna,Indra and Mitra appears as Brahma (Ego), Indra (Shiva, slayer of Ego) and Vishnu (The Divine Friend).Varuna is the Demi-Urge or Brahma who creates from the Cosmic-Waters and born from the Lotus of Vishnu (Mitra), the Sun-God.Varuna also denoted Vishnu in some myths as well. Varuna is Vritra, the Lord of Waters who upholds them and who is slain by Indra (Shiva), and Indra’s prayers to Mitra (Vishnu) help him become Victorious.However, by slaying his Father, who is a Brahmin, Indra incurs the Sin of Brahminacide and turn Black (Kala) who’s appearance is Terrifying (Bhairava) and hence is called Kala-Bhairava in latter myths.However, because of killing Vritra-Varuna or Brahma who represents Time and Death (Kala) and Ego, he is called Mahakala as he is beyond time and death - he has killed them. In inner-terms this means that he has pierced the Kundalini (Serpent Current) in the Spine and released the Soma (Semen which rises to the Head, symbolised by the Waters), and by doing so, he is now unbound to the body (of ego and time) and hence is Mahakala.He is also Mahakala (Great Darkness),for he has become one with the Primordial-Darkness which is Parambrahman, the Supreme Transcendent-Lord beyond Creation. Thus, he is now the Father of Varuna and Mitra. Quoted from Website: Common Vedic Ideals