dhiSaNa Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary: intelligent , wise m. N. of an evil being of Brihas-pati (the regent of the planet Jupiter , also {-NAdhipa} of the planet Jupiter itself. of a Narayana of an astronomer of a writer on Tajaka wks. any Guru or spiritual preceptor ({A}) f. a sort of Soma-vessel , a cup , goblet , bowl fig. the Soma juice itself and its effects R (du. the two bowls or worlds i.e. heaven and earth pl. heaven , earth and the intermediate atmosphere knowledge , intelligence (generally ifc.) (cf. {agAdha-} [add.] , {bodha-} , {vizuddha-}) speech , praise , hymn dwelling-place , abode , seat N. of a deity presiding over wealth and gain (also in pl.) of the wife of Havir-dana and daughter of Agni of the wife of Krisasva and mother of Veda-sira , Devala , Vayuna and Manu n. understanding , intellect

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