Zuddha zuddha mfn. cleansed , cleared , clean , pure , clear , free from (with instr.) , bright , white cleared , acquitted , free from error , faultless , blameless , right , correct , accurate , exact , according to rule upright (see comp.) ; pure i.e. simple , mere , genuine , true , unmixed (opp. to {mizra}) pure i.e. unmodified (as a vowel not nasalized) complete , entire unqualified , unmitigated (as capital punishment) (in phil.) veritable , unequalled (= {dvitIya-rahita}) tried , examined authorised , admitted whetted , sharp (as an arrow) m. the bright fortnight (in which the moon increases) N. of Siva of one of the seven sages under the 14th Manu of a son of Anenas (with {bhikSu}) of an author Cat. ; of a bird Hariv. ; (pl.) of a partic. class of gods MBh. ; (%{A}) f. N. of a daughter of Sinhahanu ({am}) n. anything pure ; pure spirit rock-salt black pepper .