Mizra mizra mf({A})n. (prob. fr. a Iost {miz} cf. under {mikS}) mixed , mingled , blended , combined ({vacAMsimizrA} 1. %{kR} A. {-kRNute} , to mingle words , talk together manifold , diverse , various mixed or connected or furnished with , accompanied by (instr. with or without {samam} gen. or comp. ; rarely {mizra} ibc. cf. {mizra-vAta}) (ifc. after honorific epithets = {Arya-mizrAH} respectable or honourable people &c. often also in sg. ifc. and rarely ibc. with proper names by way of respect cf. {kRSNa-} , {madhu-m} and comp. below) mixing , adulterating: (cf. {dhAnyam-}) m. a kind of elephant (in music) a kind of measure N. of various authors and other men (also abbreviation for some names ending in {mizra} e.g. for Madana- , Mitra- , Vacaspati-mñisra) n. principal and interest (cf.{-dhana}) ; a species of radish

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